Why Do You Compost? Share Your Story!

Do you compost at home? What are some of the reasons you compost? We want to to hear from you! Inspire friends, family, and your local community by sharing your story and the reasons that matter most to you!

Below are a few of our recent stories RethinkWaste residents have shared with us.

“I compost because the very thought that organics can be turned into something as beneficial as compost amazes me! Knowing that there’s a whole world of micro-organisms in there, breaking down all the material is something I never thought of until I learned more about composting.”
– Mike, San Mateo

“I compost in my backyard to help my fruit trees and garden grow. We collect our vegetable and fruit scraps and egg shells in our kitchen pail and then put it all in a backyard bin. When the compost is ready, we feed this to our apple, pear, plum, and other fruit trees to help add valuable nutrients for them to grow. It makes us feel good to not have waste and keep the composting cycle going.”
– Jenny, Burlingame

“In a world where the ocean is filling up with plastic, glaciers are melting, forests are burning, and everything seems to be quickly going down a toilet—I compost because it’s the only real way I feel like I help make a positive impact. It puts the control back on me and it makes me feel that maybe the world isn’t doomed after all.”
– Charlie, Redwood City

“When I compost, I’m putting less stuff into my garbage can! This means I can save money on my garbage rates, but it’s also one of the easiest contributions to helping our environment. A win-win!”
– Elizabeth, Foster City

Inspired to share your own story of why you compost? You can write your compost story here and we will share with our RethinkWaste community.