Five Green Resolutions to Make Today

With 2020 just days away, what better way to start the new year and decade with some practical ways to make your life more sustainable?

There are a lot of tips and information out there, but these are some of the ones the staff at RethinkWaste practice and we wanted to share them with you to help you start a new year with new sustainability goals.

1. Invest in reusables and vow to use

We likely all have reusable bags and use them all the time, but let 2020 be the year you invest in reusable produce bags, utensils, or a cup/mug AND not to give yourself excuses if you haven’t brought them with you. Produce bags are easy to find nowadays at the store yourself or online, and come in multiple sizes. Just remember to stash them along with your reusable bags so you always have them handy. Same goes for utensils and your cup!

2. Bring your own container

If you eat out, especially if you’re coming from home or the office, grab a reusable container with you just in case you may not eat all your food. If you’re pressed for space, try a collapsible container that can fit easily into a backpack or purse. If you do end up getting your own container, vow to clean it and reuse it again!

3. Reduce paper towel use

While used paper towels can go into your green compost cart, paper towels can be wasteful and expensive (according to a 2018 report, Americans spend $5.7 billion annually on paper towels!) . Start by swapping out paper towels in one of the many applications you may use it for during the day, including after washing your hands, eating or cleaning up after a meal. These instances can be replaced with a reusable napkin. Try keeping a reusable napkin at your desk or with your reusable utensils, so you always have it handy.

4. Reuse it first – it’s better than recycling

Find new ways to reuse instead of just recycling or trashing first. Instead of tossing that glass jar into the recycling, see how you can reuse it to hold your bulk items. Cardboard boxes can also be reused for storage. Single-sided printed pages can be used for scratch paper. Find new homes for clothing and linens, or use them for cleaning rags.

5. Repair and repurpose

Similar to the above tip, consider repair and repurpose for old, broken, or worn out items like clothes or small appliances, especially if only part of the item or device is not working. Only use recycling as a last resort.

We hope you’ll consider some of these ideas for your 2020 green resolutions. One action can really make a difference in helping reduce your overall waste footprint, but also your local community in keeping waste from our landfills.