How You Can Stop Food Waste

Did you know that one of the most environmentally conscious choices you can make is to not waste food? Food waste affects many aspects of our daily lives: transportation, the environment, the economy, and even our wallets. It’s estimated that in the United States that food waste represents 30-40% of the food supply, and yet 1 in 3 children in Silicon Valley are food insecure. The good news is you have the control to lessen your food waste and here are easy tips on how!

Only buy what you need

Plan your meals out for the week by making a shopping list and buy only from that list. Feel the satisfaction when you realize you bought the perfect amount of food for the week!

Stay organized/store food properly

It may seem surprising to know that a huge reason we end up wasting food is the way it was stored! Keep food that should be eaten sooner at the front of the fridge and try to use air-tight containers. Additionally, temperatures and humidity levels in your fridge vary from spot to spot. Stash items in the proper section and they’ll last longer.

Only take what you can eat

This may seem like a simple one but too often we fill our plate with a bunch of food we do not actually have the appetite for, which ends up getting wasted. Start off with a smaller portion and you can always go back for seconds.

Bring a reusable container when you go out to eat

Always keep a reusable container handy when dining out. If you have any leftovers, you can slip it into your container to take home. You’ll be reducing food waste AND a take-out container from the restaurant. Double win!                      

Freeze food

Remember the great benefits of having a freezer! Nearly every meal can be frozen and eaten at a later date. Portion it into smaller servings and remember to label it.

Taking mindful steps to lessen our food waste ensures that the resources and time that were put into making the food does not go to waste. When you consistently make conscious decisions about how to buy and store your food, it will eventually become habit and you’ll be rescuing food from being wasted in no time! Americans waste an average of one pound of food per day. Let’s get that to zero.

For more food waste tips, visit stopfoodwaste.org.