RethinkWaste COVID-19 Updates

General RethinkWaste information

  • Where can I find updates about RethinkWaste’s actions on COVID-19?
    • You can find updates on the Latest News section of our website. You can also follow our social media channels for updates!
  • Are Brown Act meetings still occurring?
    • Brown Act meetings (such as Board of Directors, Technical Advisory Committee, Finance Committee meetings, etc.) are still occurring virtually. For more information, visit our meetings page.
  • Is the RethinkWaste administrative office above the library still open?
    • No. The City of San Carlos has directed that the library building remain closed, so all Staff have been working remotely.
  • I have questions for RethinkWaste, how can I best contact you?
    • You may email us at info@rethinkwaste.org or leave a voicemail at our main line (650) 802-3500. Staff will return emails and voicemails within one-two business days.

Shoreway Environmental Center/South Bay Recycling Information

  • Can I still drop items off at the Public Recycling Center in San Carlos?
    • No. The Shoreway Public Recycling Center in San Carlos is temporarily closed. Check Latest News or social media channels for updates.
  • Can I still drop items off at the Transfer Station In San Carlos?
    • Yes. The Shoreway Transfer Station in San Carlos has reopened to the public. Hours are Mon.-Fri. 6 a.m. -6 p.m. and Sat. & Sun. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. All site employees and visitors are required to use masks and observe all mandated social distancing measures while on site.
  • Can I still pick up free compost?
    • Yes. Now that the Transfer Station has reopened, residents of the RethinkWaste service area can obtain up to two 50-pound bags of compost free of charge. Bags and shovels are provided, though residents are welcome to bring their own gloves, shovels, and residents must load the compost themselves. Find more information here.
  • Are recyclable items still being sorted?
    • Yes. Recyclables are still being sold to domestic and international markets.
  • Are there precautions in place for South Bay Recycling workers at the Shoreway facility?
    • Workers at the Shoreway facility are practicing physical distancing with required protective equipment with increased cleaning and sanitizing of workspaces and common areas.
  • Can I put my masks, gloves, wipes, or other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the recycling or compost?
    • No, these always belong in the garbage even if the label says biodegradable. They contaminate the recycling stream and provide a health risk for facility workers.

Collection Services/Recology Information

  • I was notified that Bulky Item Collections (BIC) have been paused. When can I reschedule?
    • BIC services resumed on May 4th. Recology will complete all previously scheduled appointments that were suspended first. New appointments will be booked and serviced beginning the week of May 11th.
  • Have the kinds of items that go into the recycling cart changed?
    • Items that belong in each cart has not changed. Please continue to use your recycling, compost, and garbage carts as normal. If you need help knowing which item goes where, check out our residents page.
  • Are all three streams (compost, recycling, garbage) still being collected?
    • Yes. Compost, recycling, and garbage are all still being collected by Recology San Mateo County and processed at the Shoreway Environmental Center.
  • Will my service schedule change due to COVID-19?
    • At the moment, there are no service schedule changes for residential customers.
  • Can I still dispose of household batteries by placing them on top of my black garbage cart?
    • Yes. Residents in single-family homes can still place batteries in a clear zip-top bag on top of your black garbage cart on your regular collection day.
    • Some apartments or condominiums participate in Recology’s battery collection program. If so, collect batteries in a clear zip-top bag and place inside the orange bucket normally found in common areas such as a lobby, multi-use room, mailroom, or club house. If you don’t see one at your location, ask your property manager or owner to get a bucket for your building(s) from Recology San Mateo County.