Apartment or Condo Residents: Looking to Compost?

Do you live in an apartment or condominium, but don’t have compost services available? We have good news! There are a couple of options to choose from in disposing of your food scraps, food and beverage soiled paper, or houseplant trimmings.

  1. Start a worm composting bin. This method is perfect for homes with limited space, as a worm bin can conveniently be placed in a kitchen, balcony, or even dining room. A worm bin is easy to use and is low maintenance. All you need to do is put your specific organic waste in, worms eat it, and it becomes rich compost! For more information, the County of San Mateo has a page dedicated on how to get started. The County even offers rebates if you buy a worm bin through their designated vendor, along with free workshops about general bin information and maintenance.
  2. Join a community garden. Community gardens usually have their own composting system that may allow residents to drop off their organic waste in, similar to the Community Compost Hub Program in East Palo Alto, which is open to all San Mateo County residents. Check to see if there is a local community garden near you that may have a similar offer.
  3. Talk to your property manager. Reach out to your property manager to inquire about getting compost services at your apartment/condo complex. Usually there are other residents who are interested too, so start by finding support among your neighbors, which will only better your chances! Check out our guide to learn tips in requesting this service.

It may initially feel discouraging or out of your control if your apartment/condo complex doesn’t offer compost services. But know that there are other options to dispose of your organic items, and that your actions could spark change within your apartment/condo complex! If you have more questions or concerns, fill out the form below and contact us with your specific questions!

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