New Mural at the Shoreway Environmental Center

In-person tours of the Shoreway Environmental Center engage most of the senses: the smell of the Transfer Station, the sound of bulldozers picking up loads of materials, and the view of piles of waste that one has to see to believe. As of July 2021, Shoreway has added a beautiful new sight to see and touch: a delightfully captivating mural and accompanying waste education displays! 

While the COVID-19 pandemic halted in-person activities, the lull in tours allowed RethinkWaste to brainstorm a new project. In an effort to utilize the blank wall space in the hallway of the Shoreway Education Center, RethinkWaste staff drafted a mural idea that educates visitors about the realities of landfills and ocean plastic pollution. The wonderful Bay Area Muralist, Hayley Ferreira, and her assistant Gustavo were able to bring our ideas to life! 

Before: Muralist Hayley Ferreira and assistant Gustavo assessing Shoreway display before mural project.
After: Newly painted mural and interactive displays.

The new 40-foot mural covers a range of content, including a map of the RethinkWaste service area, an explanation of a landfill’s anatomy, and a depiction of the harm done to sea life when human-made plastic clogs our oceans. In addition, the hallway now contains two educational displays with a total of 20 informative fun-facts about everyday items, waste vocabulary, and ecology.   

One of RethinkWaste’s main goals is to show where waste can end up, why we need to change our waste habits, and the importance of waste reduction. By experiencing the Shoreway facility tour and observing the new mural, we hope that guests will be inspired to take action against waste.  

In-person tours of the Shoreway Environmental Center remain unavailable at the moment, but be sure to look out for this fascinating new display when tours resume! We can’t wait for visitors to learn more about waste while visiting our facility.  In the meantime, you can still sign up for a virtual public tour and check the RethinkWaste website or our social media to stay up to date on the status of in-person tours.