‘Tis the Season to Reduce Your Waste!

With the holiday season comes an increase in gifts and celebrations, which leads to an increase in packaging waste and food waste! Here are some gifting and celebration ideas that are a little easier on the planet.


1. Mindful Shopping! Support local businesses and online stores that use recyclable and/or less packaging.

2. Reuse! Repurpose last year’s gift bags or wrapping paper. Or get creative and use children’s artwork, old maps, and calendars to wrap gifts.

3. Celebrate! Rather than buying gifts, give homemade baked goods and handmade treasures. More importantly, make time to celebrate and share new experiences with your friends and family (in-person or virtual).

4. Regift! Don’t know what to do with gifts that you’ll never use? Regifting to someone that you know needs or would like it, is perfectly acceptable. Donating unused gifts to shelters and other non-profits is also another great option.

5. Rethink Gifting! Ask your gift recipient for a wish list so that you can get them exactly what they want, rather than accidentally giving them things they don’t need!


1. Reduce Food Waste! Buy only what you need to avoid excess leftovers. Make a list before you do your food shopping.

2. Signage! Label a paper bag or your compost pail with “Food Scraps” so your guests know exactly what to do with any food scraps, such as bones or shells, from their plates.

3. Sort Waste Correctly! Brush up on what goes where by referencing our sorting page.

4. Reuse! Consider using cloth napkins and reusable cutlery to avoid purchasing single-use items that get thrown away after one use.

5. Enjoy leftovers! Repurpose leftovers into new, interesting recipes. You can even freeze them for easy-to-grab meals.

Although holiday gifts and celebrations naturally bring more waste during this time of the year, intentional preparation helps to reduce unnecessary waste. There are plenty of ways to show your love to friends, family, and the planet!

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