Annual Contamination Monitoring

Due to compliance with California Senate Bill (SB) 1383, your carts may be inspected randomly by Recology San Mateo County (Recology) for proper sorting. On behalf of RethinkWaste, Recology will conduct random inspections of containers (Route Reviews) throughout the service area to identify contamination and encourage proper materials separation. This is an effort to keep our waste streams free of contamination, to increase diversion from the landfill, and to help identify which items are mistakenly being placed in the wrong bins. Route review data will also help guide RethinkWaste and Recology’s education and outreach.

Starting in June, Recology will be performing route reviews of residential and commercial areas. Recology’s team may arrive in the early morning hours and may spend several minutes conducting their route review activities.

SB 1383 is a law enacted by the State of California to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. All food scraps, food/beverage soiled paper products, and yard trimmings are to be placed in the green compost cart/bin. This ensures none of these materials are going to the landfill, which is where they would decompose and produce methane – one of the most potent greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere.

For more information about the law and annual route reviews, visit RethinkWaste.org/SB1383 or contact us at SB1383@RethinkWaste.org.

For tips on sorting properly, visit RethinkCompost.org.