Mission, Vision, Core Values & Strategic Priorities

Our Mission

To serve as solid waste industry leaders in public health, safety and environmental stewardship by providing our ratepayers with innovative cost-effective zero waste programs and Member Agency climate action plan alignment through education, engagement, infrastructure, and policy development.

Our Vision

RethinkWaste is recognized for its innovative waste reduction and recycling programs and facility infrastructure which are dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the quality of life and the environment for our member agency communities.

Our Core Values

  1. Implementing waste reduction, recycling and environmental education programs is paramount to achieving a greater resource conservation ethic and sustainable communities.
  2. Delivering high quality, and cost-effective resources and services for our customers, and contractors (i.e., vendors and service providers).
  3. Providing sound environmental policies and practices for our member agency communities.
  4. Conducting long-term planning for waste reduction and recycling programs and facility infrastructure is fundamental to achieving our mission.
  5. Facilitating excellent communication, collaboration and cooperation among all our stakeholders produces the best long-term results.

Our Strategic Priorities

  1. Provide day-to-day oversight, support, and management of service providers that collect, process, recycle and dispose of materials for the Member Agencies.
  2. Ensure contractors’ and RethinkWaste programs are cost effective for the ratepayers.
  3. Provide day-to-day oversight of the Shoreway Environmental Center to meet financial, operational, and environmental goals.
  4. Meet or exceed environmental policies and regulations governing the collection and processing of recyclables and organics.
  5. Anticipate trends and implement innovative long-term solutions for waste reduction and recycling programs, facility infrastructure and disposal capacity.
  6. Monitor and assess contractor performance to ensure customer satisfaction and service delivery that meets or exceeds contractual requirements.
  7. Support RethinkWaste programs and policies through focused community outreach, education and promotion of rate payer value received.
  8. Manage the annual contractor compensation process to set contractor compensation and recommend Member Agency solid waste rate adjustments.
  9. Develop, implement and manage enhanced waste reduction and recycling services for Member Agencies (i.e., curbside HHW/universal waste/e-scrap collection services; seasonal community events such as e-scrap collection and shred events, compost giveaways, etc.; state grants; and other programs approved by the Board of Directors).