Used Motor Oil & Oil Filters

Did you know that just one quart of motor oil that is disposed of improperly can contaminate up to 2 million gallons of Bay water? 

Recology San Mateo County offers curbside collection of used motor oil and used oil filters for recycling at no additional cost. Recology will provide residents with up to five one-gallon plastic jugs for your used motor oil and up to five plastics bags for your used oil filters at a time. Or you can use your own one-gallon jugs with sealable lids for motor oil and zip-top plastic bags for oil filters. 

Place your oil jugs and filter bags on the curb next to your Recycle cart for collection. This program is only for used motor oil and oil filters. No other auto fluids or other fluids, or auto parts are accepted. 

Contact Recology through their website or by calling (650) 595-3900 to request oil jugs and filter bags.