Property Owners & Managers

Reducing waste and recycling can potentially save money for multi-family complex owners, managers, and management companies by reducing the amount of trash that is disposed, thereby decreasing disposal costs.

RethinkWaste and Recology can provide educational tools for multi-family dwelling residents and property managers, including:

  Kitchen Pails for compost services

If your complex subscribes to compost services, each tenant will be provided with a 2-gallon kitchen pail for in-home use. Residents can collect food scraps and other items that go into the compost in these kitchen pails and when the pail is filled, the contents can then be emptied into the green compost cart or bin on the property.

Recycling Buddy Bags

Buddy bags are available to tenants of multi-family dwellings (apartments and condominium complexes with five or more units) free of charge. These bags can be placed in convenient locations to hold all recyclables until residents are ready to empty them into the main recycling cart or bin on the property.

Battery and Cell Phone Buckets

Help residents properly dispose of batteries and cell phones by establishing a centrally located collection at your property such as a lobby, multi-use room, mail room or clubhouse. When you’re ready to schedule a collection, contact Recology San Mateo County, who will collect the bucket from a mutually agreed upon location.

For interest in kitchen pails, buddy bags, and/or battery and cell phone buckets please speak with your property manager or contact Recology San Mateo County.

Multi-Family Dwelling Toolkit

This toolkit provides printable resources for apartment owners and property managers and residents to assist in creating and maintaining good diversion programs at the property.

Property Management Guide: English |  Spanish | Chinese

Move in Guide: English |  Spanish | Chinese

Move Out Guide: English |  Spanish | Chinese

Buddy Bag Postcard

Technical Assistance

Recology’s Waste Zero team helps businesses, including multi-family owners and managers apply best management practices in collection recycling, composting and garbage. Contact Recology for assistance in improving your existing program and make sure you have the resources you need.