School Gardens

Why start a school garden? School gardens provide educators an effective way to promote life-long healthy eating habits to students and helping connect students and the food they consume to the natural world. 

Other positives associated with school gardening:

  • Enhances student education through practical, hands-on learning.
  • Motivates and supplies students with healthy fruits and vegetables.
  • Promotes outdoor activity and experiences.

Need help building a School Garden? 

Healthy Planet USA is a nonprofit that is inspiring a new generation of conscious eaters by building school gardens to inspire individuals, families, communities and businesses to think about their food choices. Register your school today!

Compost for Schools

Schools in RethinkWaste service area can receive a large quantity of compost at no cost, either to be picked-up or delivered. Schools can pick-up as many as five 50-lb bags from the Shoreway Environmental Center in San Carlos or have between 10-20 cubic yards delivered, per school year. A representative from your school will need to fill out this School and Community Group Compost Giveaway Flyer and Request Form. Send the completed request form to tours@rethinkwaste.org for approval. Please note, delivery requests require two weeks notice.